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Anglican Communion - 85 Million Members in 165 Countries
The choir music is a combination of professionally recorded music and choirs from
around the Anglican Communion. Educating listeners on the liturgical significance
of the music played throughout the liturgical year.

Anglican Hour (12:00 AM, Noon and 7:30 PM MST)
Anglican Hour outreach is content such as lectures or readings from parishes across the country and eventually the globe that are in a series format.

Morning Prayer (7:00 AM MST )
Monday through Friday
Morning Prayer from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer Monday through Thursday.

Sermons from the Communion (1:00 AM and 1:00 PM MST)
Sermons from parishes across the country and eventually the globe.

Anglican Review (12:00 AM, Noon and 7:30 PM MST)
The Anglican Review program has indepth interviews with Christian authors on their latest books, Clergy, Philosophers, Theologians, Apologists, Missionaries and others. Its main focus is on discussing the academic enrichment from a Biblical stance as well as Missions, Military and Fellowship around the Communion.
Anglican Radio

A place where you can come if you are curious to learn about liturgical worship. A place to enjoy its beauty if you are already a part of the Communion or your worship is liturgical. Where you can get answers to questions about God and His Word; where you can share your stories, hear others and love one another in Christ's love around the world. Thanks for stopping by and experiencing the Anglican Communion.
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Schedule for interviews (Date represents that week):

U-Turn Restoring America by Barton and Barna 2/17/2015

What your Body Knows about God by Moll 2/24/2015

Anxious by Simpson 3/4/2015

Early Christian Martyr Stories by Litfin 3/17/2015

Jesus, The Temple and the Coming of Man by Stein 3/31/2015